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I'm Jen Truss. I was born and raised in Woburn, MA. I've lived in Foxborough for 18 years.  I am a wife and best friend to Mark.  I'm also a mom to two amazing kids- Fiona who's 15 and Justin whos 11. 

We love spending time as a family together; especially when we travel.  I've attached my resume. 

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16 Morse Street

Foxborough, Massachusetts 02035 (508) 543-1605

Fax (508) 698-2196

May 7, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Jennifer Truss. Initially Jen was a substitute teacher in our building but beginning in 2018 she was hired as an educational assistant for the preschool program. During this time, she has proven her capabilities as a confident and skilled educator.

Jen creates a positive learning environment by encouraging students' problem solving skills and nurturing resilience. Appropriate accommodations and a variety of engagement strategies demonstrate her sensitivity to levels of readiness. She effectively combines a caring manner with positive feedback and instructional strategies that are responsive to a variety of learning styles.

Jen's instruction demonstrates her expert knowledge of curriculum as well as how to involve students in learning experiences. She understands the developmental levels of the children and provides just the right amount of support and/or assistance for them to be successful. Her strength is her ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, a skill that will positively impact her potential to succeed in any academic setting.

Jen continues to prove to me daily how fortunate we are to have her as a member of the Burrell staff. She is organized and enjoys the challenge of new responsibilities. She has a wonderful rapport with families, staff and students. Based on her compassion when working with students, I believe she would be an asset to any district. Please do not hesitate to call me for additional information. Sincerely,



Foxborough Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

June 12, 2021

To Whom it May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Jen Truss.  I have worked with Jen for the past several years at the Project Early Preschool Program in Foxborough.  The classroom where Jen has been working is an integrated setting, which provides special education support services to young children with disabilities as well as providing typical peers with a preschool experience.  Jen has been a wonderful addition to our classroom communities. 

Jen brings great energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn that make her a delight to work with and have as part of our preschool staff.  Young children are drawn to her patient, kind and caring style.  Jen has a wonderful way of verbally interacting with children, truly listening to and engaging in meaningful conversations with them.  Jen's previous experience in education made for a seamless transition to the world of preschool and she was quick to embrace the structure of the classroom and supports, which help to make young children successful.  Her desire to learn is evidenced by the thought provoking questions she asks as well as the observations she makes of the children throughout the school day.  Jen brings great ideas for all aspects of the program during our weekly collaboration meetings to include creative art projects, fun sensory combinations, ideas for engaging children more successfully or thoughts about behavioral strategies that might be effective.  One of her greatest contributions is the weekly yoga lesson she takes upon herself to do as part of our weekly gross motor group activity.  The yoga sessions, not only encompass the weekly theme, but always include readiness skills, breathing exercises which are invaluable to help children calm when they are upset and mindfulness in the form of a happy thoughts jar.   Jen is a great team player, always willing to do anything asked of her, from covering lunch duty to changing diapers-all with a smile on her face!

It is evident how much Jen likes the field of education and the enjoyment she has for working with children is obvious. Jen's energy level, positive approach and the consistency of her expectations allow children in our classes to feel safe, secure and comfortable, allowing them to have a wonderful experience on a daily basis.  In my interactions with Jen, she is always willing to provide the accommodations necessary for each child to be successful, asking thoughtful questions and interested in learning all she can to be more effective at her job. The commitment Jen has for the job is contagious to those around her and she makes everyone she works with better at their jobs.  This ongoing desire to learn and improve her skill set in order to be the best she can be makes working with her a rewarding experience for everyone she comes in contact with-children, fellow assistants, teachers, administrators and parents.  Jen is comfortable in her role with all of the aforementioned people and this ability to establish and maintain these relationships is an obvious area of strength for her. 

In my experience working with Jen, I find her to be talented, bright, energetic, enthusiastic, creative, patient, kind, positive, thoughtful and hard working.    I would highly recommend Jen for any endeavor she chooses to undertake and think she would be a wonderful asset to any job to which she is applying.  If I can be of any additional assistance please feel free to contact me at either email address listed below or call me at 508 223-7226.. 


Elisabeth Beane

Preschool Special Needs Teacher

Project Early Preschool Program

Catherine E. Pizzuto

78 Pine Street

Norton, MA  02766

(508) 285-2769


May 26, 2021


To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing this letter on behalf of Jennifer Truss. Jen is a bright, caring and good natured individual. She has a friendly, and responsive manner that engages all students. She models positive behaviors and socially appropriate interactions for both students and staff alike. Jen demonstrates compassion and understanding while providing firm expectations with gentle guidance.



I have known Jen since 2015 in a variety of roles within the Mabelle M. Burrell Elementary School community. First as parent volunteer, her excellent communication skills were evident as she successfully coordinated the annual school Art Show, Scholastic Book Fair as well as fundraising with the three elementary school at the yearly auction.  Due to Jens’s involvement the Burrell School is able to provide countless enrichment activities to the school community by bringing authors, science programs, music and arts into the school along with funding all outdoor field trips at no expense to families.



As a building substitute teacher, Jen effortlessly managed to adapt to classroom teaching for Kindergarten through grade four often at a moments notice. As a motivated and enthusiastic teacher, Jen was able to efficiently and effortlessly provide a challenging and enriching academic experience for the students during the absence of the classroom teacher.



For the past three years, I have worked very closely with Jen as an educational assistant in the integrated preschool program, Project Early, within the Burrell School building. Jen is a reliable, respectable and responsible colleague. She is passionate about her students and has high expectations for each individual child. Jen consistently challenges her students for their success. Through her dedication and efforts, Jen is able to help students make tremendous strides in both academics and social situations.


I wholeheartedly recommend Jenifer Truss for a teaching position in your school district. I am confident Jen will be an asset to your school and a strong member to your team. She will inspire both students and coworkers with her intelligence, enthusiasm, and humor.


Please contact me should you need any additional information.




Catherine E. Pizzuto, M.Ed

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